Innovation and customer first O-KEEP Container Anti-mold Chip

O-KEEP Container Anti-mold Chip Description

Shipment protection

Container floor most of made by wood, it didn’t clean after every shipment and it’s easy to have water vapor when ship in the sea level, so that it's easy to cause mold growth.

Our company developed the container anti mold chip can maintain and enhance the effectiveness of the whole container, to protect the items during shipment.

O-KEEP Container Anti-mold Chip Efficacy

Mold and mildew problems solve effectively

O-KEEP Container Anti-mold Chip can protect your products from being moldy in storage or during the shipment, so that customers will receive clean, fresh and odor-free products.

O-KEEP Container Anti-mold Chip Verification

Safe non-toxic: SGS, Intertek Certification

O-KEEP container anti-mold chip has passed inspections by SGS as follows:

  • RoHS EU standards and the reduction of harmful substances dimethyl fumarate & dimethylformamide (DMF) are not detected, zero.
  • Up to RoHS of UN
  • SVHC issued by REACH are not included.
  • SVHS issue by REACH is not included.

O-KEEP Container Anti-mold Chip How to use

Simple operation

o-keep container anti mold chip evenly put in the container to releases anti mold factor, in a confined space continued to inhibit mold growth.

Size: 80mm*140mm

Main ingredient: anti mold factor.

Validity date : 1 year

Once open it should be use as soon as possible for best effectiveness.

Volume of use:

20’ container: 20 pieces

40’ container: 40 pieces