Innovation and customer first OK Anti-mold Spray

OK Anti-mold Spray Description

package clean and clear sorted out

OK anti mold spray is made of high performance anti mold factors, which suppresses mold growth and combines the cutting edge technologies of biochemistry.

It’s environmental protection, Non toxic and without negative affect to materials.

It can replace for silica gel and oxygen absorber.

Suitable for footwear, leather products and industrial products, etc.

OK Anti-mold Spray Efficacy

mold and mildew problems solve effectively

OK anti mold spry can protect your products from being moldy in storage or during the shipment, so that customers will receive clean, fresh and odor-free products.

OK Anti-mold Spray Verification

Safe non-toxic: SGS, Intertek Certification

OK anti mold spry has passed inspections by SGS、ITS as follows:

  • 180 days anti mold test by Intertek.
  • SVHC issued by REACH are not included.

OK Anti-mold Spray How to use

Simple operation

Use OK anti mold spray on wrapping paper then close lid immediately.

Size: 250 ml


1. Please shake it before use

2. Avoid inhaling and spraying into your eyes or mouth.

3. Wash thoroughly with water if it touches your eyes or skin carelessly.

Please visit a hospital immediately if still feel unwell

4. Inedible

5. Once open it should be use as soon as possible for best effectiveness within a year.