Innovation and customer first OK Anti-mold Ecochip

OK Anti-mold Ecochip Description

Defend mildew、Defend fungus、Defend smelly. Environmentally-friendly.

OK anti mold ecochip is made of high performance anti mold factors, which suppresses mold growth and combines the cutting edge technologies of biochemistry.

It can protect your products from being moldy in storage or during the shipment. And your customers will receive clean, fresh and odor free products.

Substitute of conventional Silica Gel and Oxygen Absorber effectively.

Suitable for Shoes industry, Garments industry, Bags industry and Industrial products

Flexible use of any area

The number of OK anti mold ecochip is required depends on the size of the shoe box/ polybag.

Our recommendations are as follow:

Shoes-> one piece. Size: 50x50mm

Boots-> two or more pieces. Size: 50x50mm

OK Anti-mold Ecochip Efficacy

Product active process

OK anti mold ecochip is an active type. Molecule evenly releases the potent anti-mold factors to the space and with penetrating power could promptly invade the cell wall and cell membrane of a spore and enter the Nucleus to destroy it.

OK Anti-mold Ecochip Features and Comparison

Illustration of dual-action

1.Unique patented structure design with dual action anti mold effects, which is more effective and durable. Preserving the product for 3-6 months during shipment and store.

2.Evenly distribute anti mold factors in contained space. In the airtight space, after the 1ST day anti mold factors are released by 100%.

3.Made of environmental friendly paper materials. No pollution and negative effects.

4.Made of special formula of high performance anti mold factors, that is completely safe to our human body.

5.UV printing with high quality materials and does not stain your merchandise.

Product Comparison


Experiment sample : Leather

Sealed jar containing water, Left with OK anti mold ecochip. Right one without OK anti mold ecochip. After one month, you can see the different.

Experiment : 2016/02/19
Pictured : 2016/04/01

OK Anti-mold Ecochip Verification

Safe non-toxic: SGS, Intertek Certification

※OK anti-mold ecochip won the gold medal in 2012 and the creation of brand invention Taiwan Yushan Award, got patent certificate in Taiwan, United States and China.

  • RoHS EU standards and the reduction of harmful substances dimethyl fumarate & dimethylformamide (DMF) are not detected, zero.
  • EU REACH high quality material concern (SVHC) was not detected, zero.
  • The United States Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of lead and phosphorus acid not detected, zero.
  • Lead California Proposition 65, the cadmium, plasticizers, BPA not detected, zero.

Passed ITS 360 days test No growth.

※Revolutionary innovative biotech research and development team mildew products, non-toxic and non-toxic chemicals, protecting the planet, effectively control mildew risks.

※Easy to use, save time, low cost, high efficiency, no unglued.

OK Anti-mold Ecochip How to use

  • OK anti mold ecochip should be stored in dry conditions.
  • OK anti mold ecochip can keep for 2 years if the aluminum foil is not opened.
  • When you reopen the packaging, it will have new sources of mildew present in the surrounding environment can enter the packaging. It would be best to replace the OK anti mold ecochip.
  • Do not expose OK anti mold ecochip in the air too long time that will decrease its efficacy.
  • If the ecochip in dispenser box cannot be finished within one week ,
    please put remaining one back into original foil packaging bag.
  • Put the chips back into the original foil packaging bag can store about 3 to 4 months.
  • Storage method is base on the different individual status.