OK anti mold ecochip are made of high performance anti mold factors using biotechnology. They are uniquely extracted and fermented using biotechnological techniques.
 More effective than silica gel, ultra violet lights, disinfectant spray or other mildew control methods.

Silica gel is derived from sand and absorbs only moisture. When not enough is used, moisture will create mold. The sachets have to be kept perfectly dry or it will not be effective. Silica gel also contains toxic substance and when ingested by workers or consumers it can be dangerous to their health. OK anti mold eco-chip absorbs water moisture and smartly takes advantage of advanced biotechnological techniques by destroying the DNA of mold to prevent the growth of mold and creates a healthy environment.

This revolutionary patented product (made of double action pollution-free environmental-friendly material) is different than other anti-mold chip on the market. The regular anti-mold chip only has a single anti-mold effect and will cause pollution due to the ink printing. However, OK Anti-mold eco-chip is a double action chip which adopted environmental-friendly materials and produces better and longer effect! Besides, it is an innovative patented product which eliminates the hassle of conventional ink printing and pollution from the ink.

All OK anti mold eco-chip products have passed the following tests and certification to protect our customer’s rights and benefits:
A. SGS → Up to RoHS of EU                                   CE/2014/35964
In accordance with the RoHS, Directive 2011/65/EU Annex II to determine Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Cr(VI), PBBs, PBDEs contents in the submitted sample.
B. SGS → US California Proposition 65                     CY/2014/31636
Requirement of Total Cadmium, Total Lead, Phthalate of US California Proposition 65.
C. SGS → US CPSIA                                                CY/2014/31637
Lead in accessible substrate materials and Phthalates
D. SGS → 168 SVHC based on REACH                    CC/2015/A0092B
168 Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) screening in addition of Cyclododecane by specific client’s request. SVHC candidate list based on the publication by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on 2011 May 31, regarding Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 concerning the REACH.
E. Intertek → Directive 94/62/EC                            TWNC00435743
F. SGS → adidas test all pass                                   KE/2015/70240 & KE/2015/71664 & KE/2015/92387
G. BV  →  LULULEMOM test pass                             Technical Report: (6214) 350-0393

OK anti mold eco-chip is an active type.     Anti mold factors evenly releases the potent anti-mold factors to the space and with penetrating power could promptly invade the cell wall and cell membrane of a spore and enter the nucleus to destroy it.

No.     OK anti mold eco-chip does not change the color of materials.
OK anti mold eco-chip made by UV printing, not only graceful-looking but also environmental-friendly, absolutely not stain your product.

(1)Tear open the foil package and take out OK anti mold eco-chip.
(2)Place one or more pieces of OK anti mold eco-chip into merchandise packaging.
(3)Close merchandise packaging immediately and do not reopen it. (4)Unused OK anti mold eco-chip must be kept in the foil package and
seal immediately.
OK anti mold eco-chip should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

The number of OK anti mold eco-chip is required depends on the size of the shoe box / poly bag.
Our recommendations are as follow:
One piece for shoes. Recommended: 50*50mm
Two or more pieces for boots. Recommended: 50*50mm

OK anti mold eco-chip can keep for 2 year if the aluminum foil is not opened. OK anti mold eco-chip should be stored in dry conditions.
Once it is opened it must be used immediately.      Any unused OK eco-chip must be place back and sealed in the aluminum foil and use again as soon as possible.

Place OK anti mold eco-chip in the shoe boxes and it can eliminate the bacteria and mold immediately.
Preserving the product for 3~6 months during shipment and store.
But the effectiveness will be reduced depending on how long you store the shoes and how high is the humidity.

When you reopen the packaging, it will have new sources of mildew present in the surrounding environment can enter the packaging. It would be best to replace the OK anti mold eco-chip.

The factories concern when using OK anti mold eco-chips have been advice on how to use and the condition of the merchandise is within our control and its precautionary measures advised must be taken.  We cannot guarantee that you will not have a claim.    
However, OK anti mold eco-chip guarantees the most effective and safest way to prevent mold growth.

If factory find mold on the merchandise before shipment, please following steps should be taken:

A. Clean all visible signs of mold.
B. Dry the merchandise through the heater.    Attention!Products should not be warm when packing.
C. Change packing boxes or bags as this is sometimes a source of mildew. D. Repack the shoes using one or more OK anti mold eco-chip