Although OK anti mold ecochip is a highly-effective anti mold product, Your products may be moldy when the environment in the work place does not have proper installation.

We would like to give you some valued suggestions for preventing mold and mildew for your merchandise.

Attached is a list of recommendations to help protect your merchandise.


Aqueous vapor come from surrounding air, closing of windows to prevent the outside aqueous vapor.
But also have large amount of aqueous vapor comes from the floor. We suggest the factories laying PVC/ PU floor to take preventives measures in work place in order to isolate the aqueous vapor from floor.

a. Dehumidifier through the principle of heat exchanges makes the moisture condensed then transform into the water. If the bucket of water is filled, the water will evaporate in high temperature.
In order for the dehumidifier to work effectively, filled water must be poured out frequently, or connect water pipe to discharge outdoors.

b. Dehumidification functions of the air conditioner.
Besides using the dehumidifier, we recommend the air conditioner dehumidification function. Because cool functions of the air conditioner, the moisture will not evaporate in the air and could reduce the moisture condensation. The principle of the air conditioner is similar to dehumidifier, it can dehumidify and discharge the moisture outdoors directly then creating a dry space.

Paper boxes and wrapping paper easily absorb moist.
We suggest it to be stored in moisture-proof space.

In not rainy season period, storage space may not be certain, take airtight, dehumidify.
The storage environment could keep opening; it can prevent gathering the aqueous vapor and will not causing sultrily.
Another, it could save the cost for dehumidifier and air conditioner.

1. Factory should be kept clean and dry. The environment relative humidity to be control under 60~70%. For leathers and cartons, the relative humidity should be control under than 8%.
2. Factory walls and floors should dry and no sign of mildew.
3. Materials should be stored in dry and clean area.
4. Storages goods shouldn’t be piled up tightly. They should be separated properly.
5. Storage goods shouldn’t be put on the ground but on pallets.
6. Do not use water diluted later for laminating.
7. Do not use contaminated latex.
8. Do not apply water to shoes after heat setting.
9. When using water based wax and top spray observe expiry dates.
10. Keep products dry before packing.
11. Check that the boxes for packing are dry.
12. Productions materials should be dry when delivered.
13. Products should not be warm when packing.
14. Place an OK anti mold ecochip during final packing.
15. Use 2 or more OK anti mold ecochip during high humidity months.
16. Shipping Containers should be inspected for no bad odor, no leaks and the floor is dry.