Foot Odor Eliminator

Removing foot odor & Anti-mold storage

Foot Odor Eliminator contains polymer anti-mildew elements, which after contact with the air will quickly release anti-mildew elements through gasification to directly penetrate the nucleus of fungus and destroy and decompose the cell in order to achieve the anti-mildew and deodorizing effects.

10 pcs / bag

How to use it

 Removing foot odor

The anti-mildew elements of this product can effectively remove mildew and bacteria which lead to an odor in shoes. Put the product directly in shoes to remove foot odor. As we all know, the reason for the odor is because the mildew in the shoe or on the sole continues decomposing the skin and sweat. The anti-mold elements of this product can destroy mildew and remove foot odor.

* Put one sheet in a shoe before wearing. It is suggested to replace the sheet in 2~3 days regularly. Keep using it for a week to effectively remove  annoying odor and prevent mildew growth. 

* After solving the problem of foot odor, use it once a week only. 

Anti-mold storage

Put the sheet together with leather jackets, leather bags, clothing, footwear, 3C products, etc. in a storage box or PP sealed bag for effective mildew prevention and long-time preservation in a confined space (storage in a PE bag is not recommended).

* If the surface of an item is already moldy, completely wipe the moldy surface and expose it under the sun before using the product.

* 1 sheet is suitable for a space of about 25*25*15 cm = the size of a shoebox (estimate the number of sheets required accordingly)




◆ Taiwan Invention Patent  

    No. I457080

◆ United States Invention Patent  

    No. US 8,691,042 B2 

 China Invention Patent

    No. ZL 201110281014.1


Taiwan Invention Patent No. I457080

Patented product, counterfeiting not allowed


United States Invention Patent

No. US 8,691,042 B2 

Patented product, counterfeiting not allowed

China Invention Patent  

No. ZL 2011.1.0281014..1

Patented product, counterfeiting not allowed


1. To ensure the effectiveness of the product, please use it as soon as possible once opened, and put the unused products back into the led aluminum-foil bag.

2. The product is not edible. Please store it beyond the reach of children.

3. Please put it in a cool and dry place and avoid sunlight.

4. Please do not use it for food preservation or anti-mold.

5. Please do not damage the product in order to ensure its effectiveness.

6. The product has a pungent smell; please do not forcefully inhale.

7. Please wash hands after use. If an accidental contact causes discomfort, please wash with plenty of water, or consult a doctor if there is any further discomfort.